Great Wagon Road Extention Project STIP U-5536

The proposed extension of Great Wagon Road will run parallel to Shallowford Road and incorporate the existing section of the Great Wagon Road between David McKee Street and North Street. The project includes two phases:


  • Section 1: Shallowford Road to David Mckee Street
  • Section 2: North Street to Lewisville-Vienna Road


The 2500-ft, new location 3 lane roadway will include bike lanes from Shallowford Road to David McKee Street and a side street connecting Shallowford Road to the proposed Great Wagon Road alignment approximately 600-ft west of David McKee Street. The final design plans will include sidewalks on both sides of this new location facility as well as the design of around about with sidewalks at the intersection with Shallowford Road at the western terminus. The alternative is expected to maximize the use of the existing corridor already owned by the Town Additional right-of-way and easements may be necessary. Phase II will also include surveys for Section 2 from North Street to Lewisville-Vienna Road and side street connections at Lewisville Clemmons Road and Styers Street. Lewisville Clemmons Road and Styers Street.

Study Area

The study area outlined in red encompasses the area around the proposed Great Wagon Road.